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Artificial Grass Installation

As one of the leading specialists of artificial grass in London, we offer artificial lawn installation services to our clients. We have been in business for more than a decade and our team of artificial lawn experts knows how to get the job done in the least amount of time possible. Urbanscaping is a family-owned business, highly reputable and well known in London and nearby suburbs.

We have been fortunate to be one of the first businesses in the UK to specialise in the field of artificial grass installation. With more than a few decades of combined experience under our belt, our specialist team are familiar with each and every aspect of the work that is required to be done. We know how to create long-lasting and almost surreal looking artificial lawns for our clients.

Urbanscaping is a part of a large network of artificial lawn installers in the UK. We take pride in delivering best-in-class quality, unrivalled service as well as providing the best value-for-money to our clients. This will ensure that all our customers are happy with what we do and carry on using us in the future. We use nothing but the best quality materials for the artificial grass installation and the result is natural-looking artificial lawns that last for many years to come.

The services we offer include:


· Residential landscaping
· Commercial landscaping
· Artificial Lawn Planning
· Artificial Grass Installation Service

At Urbanscaping, we also offer bespoke artificial lawn landscaping advice. Our range of artificial grass patches and synthetic turfs are one of the most versatile ones available on the market. Regardless of how you plan to use it, we have a solution for virtually every kind of synthetic turf requirement that is needed. Our team of artificial grass fitters ensure that we provide flawless service from inquiry to installation to make sure our customers are always happy and satisfied with the services offered to them.

Artificial grass specialists In London


Having over a decade of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing artificial lawns, our team has gained plenty of experience and knowledge of the fieldwork. Our artificial grass fitters are talented and always willing to advise clients on some of the best strategies for their artificial lawn project.

At the core of our vision as an artificial lawn company we have strived to provide the best-in-class artificial grass products to our customers. We ensure that the artificial grass is versatile enough to suit just about every kind of artificial lawn project that we do. We leverage decades of our combined experience to create artificial grass in London and custom install it just the way it will suit your project and your budget for it.

When we say we are artificial grass specialists in London, we really mean it! We understand that for our clients, the quality of our artificial grass installation service matters just as much, if not more, than the quality of our artificial grass products. We give top priority to customer satisfaction, as we believe that’s what truly makes the difference for us as a specialist artificial lawn company in London.

Why worry about the overheads of your next artificial lawn project when our team of experts in London are there to advise you and get the job done for you? Urbanscaping is always there to offer bespoke advice to meet your requirements. Our team of artificial grass fitters have been honing their skills for many years now and are familiar with just about any kind of terrain or scenario that they might face.


Reason #1: Durable and Long Lasting

We offer artificial lawns that can easily withstand the activities of dogs or other pets you may have at the property. Our artificial grass turfs are sturdy and last longer, even when exposed to wear and tear on a regular basis. It’s UV-stabilised to avoid fading under bright sunlight and constructed with a proper drainage system to make sure it dries out quickly after rain or light watering.

Reason #2: Easy to Maintain

Natural grass looks so dull in the wintertime and it’s common to see brown patches develop in natural grass. It’s not a pleasant sight especially if you spend your winter mornings in your garden. However, artificial turf remains lush and green throughout the year, no matter the season.
Even though you still need slight maintenance when it comes to artificial grass turf, it’s significantly less compared to natural grass. A regular, natural turf requires regular watering, mowing, fertilising, and occasional weeding. On the other hand, artificial lawn replicates all the qualities of a natural lawn that you are familiar with (in terms of look and feel) while allowing you to sit back and enjoy your lawn or outdoor space without having to do all the hard work that comes with regularly maintaining a natural lawn.

Reason #3: Environmental cost

Did you know green lawns typically come at a huge cost to our environment? Yes, they account for close to a third of total residential water use. Plenty of energy is required for regular maintenance of natural lawns, including but not limited to the lawn–mowing and trimming which requires gas- and electric-powered tools. Apart from this, it all results in air and soil pollution that far outweighs the oxygen-producing benefits that come with growing natural grass. If you were thinking growing natural grass is always a better option, think again!

London artificial grass

Reason #4: Safe and Easy to Clean

Natural lawns usually become a muddy mess whenever kids or pets play on the grass, especially when it rains. With mud and dirt, comes a lot of risk for infection, more so if the mud and dirt enter your home. However, when it comes to artificial grass products, you don’t have to worry about all that! All of Urbanscaping’s artificial grass products are completely safe for both children and pets to play. Plus, it’s fairly easy to clean the artificial turf with just light watering every once in a while.

London artificial grass

Reason #5: No Need to Grow Anything

If you have a lawn that struggles to grow, or if you live in an area where the grass is difficult to grow (especially in areas with acidic soils), artificial lawns are simply the best options available. With growing grass come responsibilities like regular gardening. If growing and maintaining a natural lawn is going to be a challenge for you, it just makes sense to go for an artificial lawn.

Why Choose Urbanscaping?

In-house Teams

To ensure the highest standards of workmanship across all our projects, Urbanscaping has its own in-house installation teams. Unlike many other companies in the industry, we do not believe in subcontracting or franchising, to ensure that we provide the same quality of work each and every time.

Bespoke Services

No matter your requirements and property size, our bespoke services and expert advice are always tailored to suit your needs. Regardless of whether you want an ornamental lawn or an area for kids to play – we can make it happen! For Urbanscaping, no project is too big or too small. Our sales team can assist you with planning your next lawn project, answer any queries you may have, and also offer expert advice with no obligations.

Unrivalled Quality

We are a leading artificial grass company in London. Urbanscaping is a family run business that strives to maintain our decade-old business reputation and look after each of our customers from start to finish. Our customers expect a high level of quality from us, which is backed by a guarantee that we offer on all of our services and artificial grass products.

Professional services

Our team is highly qualified and certified to the latest industry standards. No matter the scope of your artificial lawn project, our team of artificial grass fitters have all that it takes to get the job done. Plus, our prices are very competitive. We also offer a free no-obligation quote on our website. When you hire us, we strive to complete the job as quickly as possible, causing minimal disruption at your property, leaving no mess behind. Our dedicated artificial grass fitters will ensure you are happy and satisfied with the end result.

What Happens Next? 

You can avail our professional artificial grass installation service throughout London. If your property is located too far outside our service catchment area, we can still supply the same quality of artificial grass in London apart from providing detailed instructions for DIY artificial grass installation projects.

When you hire Urbanscaping for your new lawn project, you will be working with a professional and well-experienced team of artificial grass fitters in London, who will ensure the highest quality of work and use some of the most advanced artificial grasses available on the market. There is no job that we won’t look at, so never hesitate to get in touch with us – even if you feel your project might be a bit more complex than the average.

Our sales team is always available to offer advice on just about every aspects of your new lawn project. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. Yes, your dream lawn or play area is just a couple of emails or phone calls away! Alternatively, you can fill-up the form below, and our sales team will reach out to you at the earliest!

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