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At Urbanscaping UK, we take pride in being one of the leading landscaping and artificial lawn companies in London. We are more than a decade-old family run business that regards customer satisfaction as its primary goal, and we offer the same high-quality products and services that our clients in London city have grown to expect from us in West London area as well.

We understand landscaping related decisions are not easy to make. Our sales reps and field experts can offer you professional advice, with no obligations, whatsoever. We don’t mind taking a look at your landscaping plans, no matter how big or small their scope is.

With Urbanscaping UK, you can be rest assured that you will be guided in the right direction. Whether you’re planning to have kids play area in your home’s outdoor area, or an ornamental lawn to relax and unwind with your family, our team of experts can certainly advise you and support your project from start to finish.

Experts of Artificial Grass Installation in West London


At the core of our vision as a leading artificial lawn company in West London, we have strived to provide nothing but only the best-in-class artificial grass products and installation services to our clients in the area. We are the number one source of high-strength and durable artificial grass in West London.

Our team of expert artificial grass fitters are familiar with just about every kind of terrain or scenario they can face while working on a landscaping project. It’s our motto to provide the same quality of products and services throughout, and West London is no exception for us. As a result, our clients in West London always appreciate our team’s work on their landscaping projects.

We are proud to offer the following services to our clients in West London:

Residential landscaping

Whether it's your home that requires a small alteration or a large private property that’s currently under development, our extensive experience in both hard and soft landscaping can help get the best results with your project. We believe in incorporating the designers’ mindset while doing the installation work at your site.

Our team of landscaping experts have acquired a vast range of skills while working on projects of varying sizes, terrains, and scopes. We can transform your home’s outdoor area to suit your preferred style, depending on whether you prefer a modern design or a more of a traditional setting. We take note of your ideas, preferences, and suggestions and strive to deliver just the kind of landscaping work that you need to get done.

Commercial landscaping

We also specialise in commercial landscaping. Our work on several corporate offices, schools, housing organisations, local authorities, parks, and hospitals has been commended by our clients. Our landscaping team has plenty of experience working on commercial, industrial, and community-level projects.

We are fully committed to taking care of all aspects regarding health and safety. This is why we employ some of the leading landscaping consultants in West London for our clients’ commercial landscaping projects. Whether you want us to landscape a petrol station forecourt or a supermarket, we will always provide the same high standard of service and most importantly – attention to detail.

Our prices are very competitive compared to market standards. Plus, we offer a free, no-obligation quote for our products and services.

Leading Suppliers of Artificial Grass in West London

From the materials and equipment we use to the staff persons we employ – Urbanscaping UK is committed to quality and reliability. No matter your requirements and scope of the artificial lawn you are planning to set up, our bespoke services are always tailored to perfectly suit your needs. When we say we are the number one supplier of high-strength and best-in-class artificial grass in West London, we really mean it! Our artificial lawn installation service in West London comes with some of the most advanced artificial grass turfs you can currently find the market.

Say no to mud and dirt! If the mud and dirt enter your home, there’s a risk of infection for your family. When it comes to our artificial grass products, you never have to worry about that! The best part – the artificial turfs we use in our projects are super easy to clean. Just some light watering every once in a while, and it stays clean.

If our dedication and sincerity towards customer satisfaction weren’t enough, the products and services we offer come with a 10-year guarantee. Installing artificial turf in your outdoor area comes with its own set of benefits, and peace of mind is certainly one of them. Our artificial grass products are manufactured in an eco-friendly manner, using high-grade material that’s 100% safe for both children and pets to play on.

Make your dream lawn a reality, today!  

Our professional artificial grass installation and landscaping services are available throughout the area of West London. When you hire Urbanscaping UK, you can expect to work with a team of specialist artificial grass fitters in West London. Apply now for a service request, and get a free quote with no obligations!

f you are concerned about any aspect of your landscaping project, our sales team can offer you expert advice in that regard. If you have any questions, you may feel free to give us a call or drop us an email. Alternatively, you can also fill-up the service request form below, and our sales reps will get back to you at the earliest!

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